Heartfelt Hospitality All Over Town

We are so fortunate:

This land is your land, this land is my land
From the California to the New York island
From the Redwood Forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me…

Pete Seeger & Spruce Springsteen

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  • We want PG family-friendly
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We need to balance the negative signs that are creating division in our community!

We welcome all visitors as neighbors regardless of whether they are staying in a vacation rental, Inn, Bed and Breakfast, or with friends and family.

Vacation Rentals are a blessing for families; the real issue is to handle them professionally.

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Dear Neighbors!

We want to live in a friendly, safe, hospitable town. I think that short term rentals can be part of that picture, if they are done right.

To share this point of view, we would like to see some attractive signs displayed around our town that encourage friendly, hospitable treatment of all visitors including those who choose to stay in short term rentals.

Homegrown in Pacific Grove

Hello, my name is Holger Hubbs; I live in Pacific Grove together with my wife Beth and our daughter. My wife works for a local vacation rental management company. I my self feel rather neutral towards STRs, but feel disturbed by the negativity that is on display with the anonymous “Neighborhoods for neighbors” signs.

We thought about creating our own sign to unite in the appreciation of what makes us human: Being Neighbors.

We feel that choosing ONE sign would be preferable to display one cohesive message around PG. Would you consider getting on board?


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Get your sign!

After the votes are in, we would like to see each Homeowner ‘sponsor’ at least one sign at the cost of ~$10 per sign and display it prominently in the yard of their STR. Additional signs can be sponsored if you have another home or other local place to put it up. We believe that having 250+ attractive signs with a positive message will be informative to the community, showing that there is a group of people who are dedicated to providing excellence in accommodations and professional level services via homes as short term rentals.

Ideas of the sign can be seen on our new website, VacationNeighbor.com, and can be voted on soon.

You may order the number of signs you wish to display online at the time of casting your vote.

Ultimately we would also like to see some version of the sign displayed in business windows around town as well. T-shirts and buttons are not out of the question. We want to create a culture around short term rentals that is positive, proactive and professional.


Stay Connected

Beth and I started VacationNeighbor.com as a hub for information and education regarding short term rentals in Pacific Grove. Please check out the website for more information, and sign up for our no-spam mailing list. Keep in mind that the website is in ‘incubating mode’… it is lean on content as of yet. But we have so many great ideas to help inform and support the Owners and Managers of the ‘STRs’ and to educate our Guests/Visitors so that they experience our town as ‘locals’ and they are enabled to contribute to the beauty, not just observe it.

Focus on what connects us!

We look forward to collaborating with you and I hope you will feel free to contact us. We are PG residents who wish to live in a friendly, hospitable town. Ordinances and bureaucracy should only be a last resort.

With thanks,
Holger & Beth Hubbs



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